Full moon stared white

It happened today .
Almost picture perfect....

A beautiful full moon, in all its silver glory. Its reflection on the sea.... spread over like a blanket on grass. Me in a skirt, just like in my imagination, someone I liked beside me.

It was calm, it was peaceful, it was beautiful beyond belief.

But (Obviously there's got to be a but! The reality check, 'Pop' :)) it didn't feel dreamy, like it was supposed to! Lol. There was no ... anything. It was just quiet calm.

That's when I realized, what picture perfect would be.
It doesn't have to be a full moon, just the beach, with some one whom I had no doubts about, and some one who loved me completely.
Though, knowing me, :P, that'll never happen :)
So next time I go to the beach when it's empty, remind me to say a little thank you to the waves, the stars, the sky and the moon  for having made me some one so much at peace with myself, and some one who knows she is loved by family and friend :D and for being me, just me :)


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