New year, New dawn.... New me?

Is it possible to change overnight?
Is reformation a tried and tested concept ?
I have vowed to change many things about me this year, and try a few things out as well, is it possible and plausible ??

My New Year Resolutions 2011:

1. Get a job.
   Kind of going crazy trying new things, I think I'm ready to settle down with a regular paycheck again .
2. Finish anything that I begin, with commitment.
   Right through to the end.
3. Start off on my PhD
    Social Psychology. So start preparing for UGC NET - ASAP !!!
4. Get flowers from somebody this Valentines day.
    Sounds crazy? Well hear me out anyways... I'm not ready for a commitment - boy friend types, but I wouldn't mind someone, more than a friend. besides, this current crush of mine, and the fear of it is kind of overwhelming, so a bunch of nice cheerful red/pink flowers (tulips would be asking for too much :P ) would do. maybe a boz of chocolates too.. but its the flowers I want. Before I turn the horrid 23 you see..
5. Travel more
6. Break my shell, just a bit more.
7. Declutter.
8. Take more photographs.
9. Live more
10. Love more

Well thats it... these are the Broad resolutions I've taken for 2011, will be renewed/ modified on May 10, 2011.

Hope I keep them ! Cheers :)

PS: Did you make resolutions too ? ;)


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