Meaningless Encounters :)

I went to the beach today morning to the sunrise. It was beautiful, it was gorgeous, it was ....WOW !
My first bike ride of the year, my first 'sunrise at the ocean' of the year...
I even got to meet my friend there :)
 We see, and experience so many new things everyday, somethings, we remember more, some things bring a smile to your face.
I loved the sea, I loved the different sounds, sights and smells that accompany the ocean. They put a smile on my face, but those are things that I expected to see.
As I was riding back today, there was this guy who stopped next to me at the signal. He was riding a Pulsar, wearing a black helmet, and a blue checked shirt with jeans. The shirt was folded to the elbow. We both took off from the signal, me a few seconds ahead of him. It was the morning, traffic was light, and I was feeling great, so I accelerated hard. I just wanted to overtake another guy in front of me, so I did, loving the thrill, kept going fast. Sure enough, I could see the Pulsar guy accelerate too, through my rear view mirror. He was gaining on me. Enjoying the early morning adrenalin rush, I went to 60...70.... LOVED IT !!! It was a long stretch of road, with no signal, just a bit winding. He raced me just a few meters before my turning, where we parted. There's this thing in the body language of guys when they race/pass a girl on their bikes, they're stooped low, and when they pass, they rise slightly, and normally make a small turning, even on a straight road. He did all that, and I agree, he looked good while doing so :P
I could almost feel his smug smile on his face :) Though I didn't see his face at all.
It definitely left a smile on mine!
Did I mention I like lean guys in checked shirts? (When styled properly of course)
A few years ago, I would've been enraged at losing, now I just like the thrill of the ride, and the feeling after. I like to  think that I've grown up a bit. I also know that I could have probably beat him if we were both riding similarly powered bikes :P

The other day, when I was crossing the road, feeling particularly good about the way I was dressed.
I had almost crossed the full stretch, when this really fast biker guy came straight on, without stopping like the others, to let people cross. He didn't stop, though he slowed down drastically, almost to a walking pace when he was in front of me, looking straight at me the entire time, and when he was just in front of me, he grinned broadly and winked at me, then crossed me, speeding away. He was... I don't remember how he looked, but he definitely was on the cuter side. He left me grinning for a while after that, though, when I was looking at him, it was a dead pan expressionless face I had.

I'm not a major fan of bikers as such. Those were encounters that just left a smile on my face, like when I see a baby yawning. Only these made me feel good inside too :)

I'm not in a relationship, neither am I looking for one. I'm just happier than ever, for being at the age when I can appreciate (*grin*) such encounters, and know how to keep them as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

As the new year dawned, more than a few of my relatives, typically Indianly were worried about my age, but I just realized something. I'm gonna fall in love with someone, if I ever do decide to get married. I want to know him, better yet, become friends, then slowly fall in love. I wanna suddenly realize one day, as he walks into a room I'm in, and my heart beats faster, and a smile uncontrollably spreads on my face, that "Oh my God! It's..him !"
But I won't say a thing,
I won't hint, and I'll keep it in my heart
I'll wait for him to come to me
Only then will I know for sure,
That, he likes me for me, and not because I like him.

But I hope, even then, if a biker decides to race me on the road, I accelerate, try my best, and smile in the end :) I hope to never lose the thrill of those meaningless encounters (*wink*)

Wish y'all a very happy and prosperous New Year !
Filled with wonderfully pleasant surprises, loads of love, and laughter
And maybe, a few meaningless encounters that leave a smile on your face for a while after !
Cheers !!!


rainnsunshine said…
this left me with a smile... or a grin :D

being a biker and avid racer (if i may say so),it added zing...
but even without the adrenalin rush, this surely is the best thing i have read this new year :)

keep throttling :)

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