Anthony DiNozzo

I just finished watching NCIS ... Naval Criminal Investigative Services.
This post is not a review of the series, it is rather about a Character I found myself relating to more and more, especially towards the end: Anthony DiNozzo. 

On the surface, Tony as he is called is a smart, good looking guy, funny, and a movie buff...
You know what they say... still waters run deep, but turgid waters... they have a story, and they're trying to hide it. using humor as a method to navigate away from actual emotion is not all that difficult.

I was more interested in the way it affected his handling of relationships, or the lack of handling...
Tony definitely knew that Ziva David (Pronounced: Dhaveed) had feelings for him. That was portrayed rather well by well placed meaningful looks after a witty/sarcastic pass-away-the-weight-of the-moment ... but he never does anything about it.
But this is more than that.... Tony I'm guessing, when he saw Ziva, he would've been making all the connections in his head, parts that would work out, and areas that would misfire, ...rational logs...
More than anything, he was the kind of guy who could hold out, and not fall in love with anyone, till there is a definite green signal from the other... Not even a pale green, but a proper, sirens blazing green for him to actually decide that it is fine for him to take the next step...
The quirks...the jokes.... the wall behind the eyes... the doubt... the suspicion... the armour... the insecurity.

Its a full package, and I definitely see that among my baggage.... hmmm..... or...

I'm probably just imagining too much, reading too much inbetween the lines :P

Have a great day !!!

And if you're a guy, don't be like Tony DiNozzo, if the girl is that way too, you would never get anywhere, and lose a lot, except maybe a bunch of "What could've been"s .... and when you do ask... make it big :D


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