Perfect Day

Yesterday was one of the most perfect days I ever had :)

It started off with Sunrise at the beach with a really good friend.
I got to greet the day, say hello to the sun, while the waves slowly lapped around my legs. It was so pretty, the yellow... the pink... the purple in the sky ....

I should also mention the kisses we shared at the beach. (Before your eyes pop out, I meant the chocolate ;) Starting a day eating chocolate is one of the best ways, don't you think? *Innocent blink blink* ;)

The sea... the soft sand... the smell of the ocean were just too perfect, and I reveled in all of it's beauty, freely shared, with the pleasant companionship and good conversations, when we reminisced various parts of our life that involved water and laughter :)

I went back home to a 1 hour blissful nap. For those of you who haven't tried it, try taking a nap after playing in the water, oh the ease with which you slide into the perfect stillness of God's peace :D

I woke up to see my favourite-est breakfast of all times ! Puttu, and my sister wanting to see  Prince of Persia. I mean, can life get more well orchestrated for perfection? (It did, the entire day ) We watched the movie (Which I've seen twice in the big screen already, to drool over Jake :p ).

After which, I had to rush to the automobile showroom to check when my bike would be ready, it would take at least another week, they said. Normally it would've bothered me, but I've got used to bike-less living (all of my friends who're giving me glares, it'll be ready by next week !) so I was cool about it :). There, there was a small glitch with my address proof, my drivers licence wasn't accepted, and my voters id had some guy's (yes random guy, govt of India loves me -_-) pic on it, instead of mine, so it wasn't usable as an id proof! I had to get some affidavit ...whatever that was!

My next stop was my office, where I had a quick review meed, since I was the one reviewing, it wasn't as stressful as it could get normally! 12 noon saw me back at the bike showroom. After waiting there for half hour, where they told me a lot about RTOs, signatures, releases... most of which went over my head, they told me to come back on Friday! I gave them narrow eyed looks and left.

Lunch plans saw themselves crumbling down when we realized that my friend forgot to bring the photoshop setup he was supposed to redeem me with. Something I've been trying to get my hands on for more than a week now, pretty desperately! So he went back to get it, leaving me at the beach (again)!

I also got to go to a Church, talk to a certain Godly entity after a very long time. I guess I called a truce with Her only yesterday after more than 3 years...

So after the much awaited photoshop setup was retrieved, we went through a really pretty road, and off to lunch.
Since the amount of time I can stay hungry is as much as that of a starved vampire, we stopped at the first restaurant we spotted. I think that act was more of a defence mechanism from his end :P The poor dear has known me too long. It was a really nice Thai restaurant called Benjarong, 'most' of the food was really good. My friend didn't get as lucky as I did though. He had a really rough day yesterday, amidst all my amusement :)
The dessert he ordered (I was on a diet you see, so one bowl of Phad Thai Noodles was good enough) was a goof up. We ordered fried ice cream instead of sizzling brownie, and he doesn't even like coconut! So I "helped" out by eating 4 out of 6 blobs of ice cream :P.

As it was too late to check out the place we initially wanted to, the same day saw me at the beach the third time !!!
This time I was taught how to park a car... the first attempt was soo soo bad that it left me absolutely depressed, then next one wasn't so bad ... then I got to drive it AND park it, I must say I was pretty good...ok, maybe not good.... but, I wasn't bad , and I even got a "good girl" for it :D Was I the happy girl or what !!!

I got home pretty early, compared to what I expected... to another treat!!! Caramel Custard Pudding :D :D :D My dietary plans went flying in the air... and the pudding....ooohhh the chocolaty caramel !!!!

The photoshop didn't get installed. So much for that, but that was fine. Perfect days are perfect for a reason :) ; so you can smile at the glitches that life hands out to you, without feeling let down! Since it was immediately followed by 3 friends all set to make it right for me, (the photoshop) and my sister coming in with an absolutely insane activity, I think I was feeling pretty good again within minutes.
The activity involved writing down a list of random adjectives, numbers and nouns, which are put in as the fillers for the blanks of your "bio data" and a "tooth cure ad".It was so ridiculous, we laughed our guts out ! Especially at the part where one of the symptom was a "little singing sensation" !!!

The night included a long fun conversation with my sister, when she gave me an in-detail explanation of all that happened at our school dramatics... how the Othello acted out by another house (team) was so good, that her house members had to clap and cry at the same time. We watched an awesome performance of her house Folk dance, a 10 minute shaky video, where she tried to show me who was who in the tiny screen.

The day ended just as perfectly. The climate was just right ...conversations complete, and me content.

The last few weeks of my life were spent battling a feeling of emptiness... where I couldn't seem to find the meaning for anything I did. The point of anything.
My dad knew that ... he had sent me a very apt forward ... about finding perfect happiness.... I've seen too many similar forwards for it to make any difference. But the thought counted much more that what it said.

I still haven't found a meaning or a purpose for my existence. But I have found more than one reason to look for the same, and not give up hope. Each and every one of those reasons are people I love and cherish for making my life happier and more perfect everyday, and the shining star that keeps my ray of hope constant :)  I never have to worry too much as long as I'm alive because I know, with absolute certainty that I will be well taken care of :)


fiddie said…
ha ha...nicely written, to be frank my eyes did pop out wen i read the line " the kisses we shared in the beach"..:p:D :D

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