Rain in Hyderabad

I don’t like the rains here, where I’m staying alone. It is beautiful… the long stretch of road between my office and my home. Some of the best land-scapers of the country have probably worked on various pieces of land that are on that road. There is no lack of greenery. It’s beautiful. It’s interesting how much of what we perceive is determined by the state of our minds.
They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but I guess it lies more so in the state of mind of the beholder. If I were with someone… My sis…my dad…chachu… Gita…Sugie… or any of my friends…, I know I would’ve been grinning from ear to ear, looking up to the rain, and probably dancing too. Today, I was sitting in the middle of the seat of the auto, trying to make sure not even a drop fell on me, and all I wanted to do was curl and cry. For reasons I don’t even understand. Probably for every thing I’ve ever wanted to cry about.
When People used to say that they hated the rain, and it only brings sad memories, I used to laugh and think that it’s absolutely not possible. Now, Unfortunately, I can understand. I’m so glad I’m going back home. I’m one of those people for whom home means more than anything else in the world. Home is not a building, it’s a place I go to, knowing that there, I am completely accepted for who I am. They might want me to change somethings I do, but they wouldn’t want to change me. There, I belong. Belonging is such a nice word. Like a big bear hug from a friend.
It was so beautiful…and I could feel was loneliness. This is not the place for me.
I would like to come back though. Walk the entire stretch of that road, hand in hand with someone though. I wonder of daddy will make it at the end of July. I hope he does. He’ll love that road. Almost every big brand that’s worth working for, have their stamp there. He’ll be proud that I work there too. He would probably bombard me with ten thousand facts about each of those organizations, out of which I would remember only about a tenth. But he would be there, he would hold my hand when crossing the road and he would be able to admire the foot ball ground and the tennis court as a proficient sports man, and admire the companies as an eminent business man.
If I were walking with my mom, she would mostly admire the beauty of the entire scene, the road, and how good it would look if painted… she’s got one of the best artist’s eyes. She would also take one look at my office and start calculating the number of people who would fit in there, and the shapes that are there. Then both my mom and dad would have a discussion about the building, my dad giving a civil engineering perspective, and my mom a mathematician’s. What perspective would I be able to give? The insider perspective? :P I would probably be reeling off every statistic I know about the place, trying as I always do to make them proud.
As I always have… always will. I still haven’t found my perspective yet. It’s too much of dreamer’s, who believes anything is possible, it probably is. I plan on finding out.
I’ve not been liking the rains too much here. I wanna go back home so I could remember and write about all the beautiful things I noticed about the rains at Hyderabad. The roads that go up and down, and the water flowing along them. The view from the previous office, where they had slanting glass, and the rain could keep you addicted, sitting and staring forever. It always gave me a mental picture of woman silently shedding tears because someone had walked away. She either couldn’t or wouldn’t stop that person, but cries because she wishes they hadn’t left. Opted to stay.
Or the view from my cabin, where it feels like the rain has enveloped the whole building, Like the clouds descended on us… 7th floor... South Tower…facing the road that leads away from the side of my house… there’s a lake in the distance.
I caught the sunset from the foot of my building once… the street lights were on, they are in the shape of a T, designed in a way that combines both the oriental lamps and modern steel, white light, a long stretch of well laid road, with not too many vehicles on it, and the road has a better look as it’s on a slightly hilly terrain. The sun was sitting to the left of my office building, Orange…fierce… the light reflected of the glass. No match to the white light coming from the street light, but somehow they quietly complemented each other. The breeze was just a tad on the heavier side of gentle. I just stood there staring. Not a thought in my mind … so very peaceful. I wonder how many had stopped and taken a break from the hustle and bustle to look at that view.
Today, as I was coming home, and the rain was falling in a slanting angle because of the rain, so many things looked postcard perfect. Moments, worth capturing … A black BMW which took a swerve and sliced through the rain, A fiery red bike, with black streaks, parked on its side stand, under the fresh green of a tree in front of a beige building, Green and white umbrellas strewn close to black gate, with water dripping from the grills of the gate…Pink Cherry Blossoms fallen on the road…
The symbol of Taureans is the Earth. Pretty obvious isn’t it :P
I still don’t like the rains here at Hyderabad …


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