I can learn to do it

I’m moving from one place to another at a pace, that everything around me is becoming a hazy picture to me, even those pictures that I personally sketched. The changes are too many. I’m following my heart now more than ever. Just focusing on the fact that my family is important, if I put my heart to it, I can do anything, and I can do it.
Total disregard for opportunity cost… just the fact that my dad did it, and I can make it too. In the end, no regrets, because she showed me that it’s not worth it. Just not worth losing out on family for ANYTHING. So I’m going back home. I’m going to guard what my dad strove so hard to develop and I’m going to give shape and size to my dream. I’m going to make it tangible. One thing that is helping me holding on, believe myself amidst all the uncertainty is a promise … not exactly a promise, my word, that I gave to her long ago, saying I’ll become famous one day.
If he can learn to do it, I can, after all, I have his blood and hers. So I’m going to be doing what they both did, come back to family, start something that I can call my own, make use of my full potential, not settle for what I can get, but go for exactly what I want, in the end, if I’m not able to get it completely, I still want that realization to strike only after I know I’ve explored eve


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