Dreams versus reality. In its truest form.

After the whole episode of “is it or not?”, “to pursue or to turn away”
After finally deciding that …

Some dreams are not meant to come true
They are just not meant to
When they touch reality
Become real, they change
Some dreams can’t survive reality.
Dreams which do survive reality are like bubbles that land.
Land so gracefully, that they’re still complete
Softly touching the ground…
Having a surreal feel of dreamy reality to them
Because that's exactly what they are.
There are some other dreams,
Which can land, and land
But they are like those bubbles that only survive half way
One half is muddy, dirty …
The colours are murky.
And the bubble doesn’t matter anymore,
The mud will eat it up till one day,
It eats up the bubble,
And the bubble bursts…
Into a thousand minuscule droplets
Disappearing into nothing
Except a few drops …
A few tears.
Some dreams are meant to be just dreams
That’s where they are the safest.
You can visit them
Enjoy them
Then come back to reality
Hard reality.
Some dreams are just not meant to be…
That’s probably not the one for me
Never will be
So, from a distance I shall see
Sometimes with sadness, sometimes with glee
Because it is my bubble
But, it will only be my bubble
Nothing more
Just another bubble in my sky
Among the numerous others that fly….
Because this one too
Was just not meant to be.


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