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Le chant de mon cœur

Translated, it means "The Song in My Heart"
It's been sometime since my last post ...I've been at college for nearly a month now. And as predicted, I visited the library only once, that too out of duty and not as a recluse. Which is a very very good thing !
The last month has been a roller coaster in many ways, but somehow, something was different.
I've grown up, climbed one more step.
A lot of things happened, both good, bad and excellent. The best thing though, was that I was able to go through all those situations without letting them affect me in a way that's deeper than necessary. I've learnt to take things lightly and let go when I know I shouldn't be holding on any longer.
I've also realized that my temper is starting to flare a bit too quickly again, hopefully this realization didn't come too late. I'm working on it (any suggestions? :) )
I just realized that at one point of time, quite a while ago, I always used to be working on m…