From home ...

Every time I’m home, and the time for me to return to the hostel draws closer, I invariable find myself, telling myself that it will be fine. I can spend more time in the college library and before I know it, it’ll be time for me to return. On the brink of possibly the last return to hostel, I still do the same.
I guess at some level… may be many levels, I have not equipped myself to fully adapt to the chaotic conditions of what actually is “life at a B school”, hence long for the orderliness of the library, or estrange myself completely, and go out a lot.
Now that I am soon to be an employee of a very (proudly) forward and go-getter company, I don’t think I will find too much of an organized environment there either. I’m sure decisions would be made on the fly. Environments- suitable for optimal resource utilization (yeah, all my MBA jargon getting the better of me :P ) But, I would be able to do just fine, as I have been doing for the past 1.66 years (don’t blame  me for the numbers, we follow the trimester system ;)), if I can say so myself.
I think all we need at the end of the day, no matter what life throws at us is to go to some place where we feel at home at. It might be a library, a long walk away from the chaos and for those lucky ones – Home itself. Some place where we are allowed to quietly recharge, tell ourselves that we can do it, and then go back to the chaos when we feel ready … or not.
I’ll be back there day after. I may not go to the library a lot … I may not even come home a lot like I did last trime. But I would always know, that of things become too much for me to handle, there is a place where I can ground myself again J


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