When you know for sure :)

I just finished watching Notting Hill.
For probably the hundredth time :)
Every time, like reading a book again, something strikes me as new and sweet / not so sweet.
I was watching and wondering today, as something struck me at the climax.
Those of you who haven't watched the movie, I would recommend you watch it and get back to the rest of the post. :)
The part where they're in the press conference, and he had just proposed, and she accepted, in so many words, maybe not the right ones, and definitely not the most romantic of situations, that.
They're both so far away, but the million dollar smiles on each of their faces, as they look at each other ... because now they know, that ... that's the one, that's the one who's going to make me happier, forever, from now on.
Staying where they are, but the room doesn't seem to matter.
When he is slightly out of focus, she tilts her head... just a bit, and the smile that wavered for a second there, is on again. Full blast.
Must be nice to know, when you're in a room, so far away from each other, and you turn to look, and someone has a smile for you, a smile he would use only for you, and you know he's all yours :)


Ankit Ashok said…
Well, I am commenting on this just because I could not resist - even though I dont have much to say.

What I like about that scene is the fact that they dont refer to each other directly, and yet there is no doubt in their minds as to what is being said.

And to have such trust after so much of heartburn earlier in the movie - is just amazing.

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