Merry Christmas !!!

A very Christmas to all of you :)

A beautiful Christmas, in so many ways ...
The climate's perfect!
I'm surrounded by people who love me, in spite of the fact that I'm so far away from home.
I don't have major regrets for things I did, or things I shouldn't have done, kept those to a minimum or I've already worked out solutions :)
Spoke to my Dad, sis ...cousins... friends ...almost everyone who matters.
Went and wished God a very Happy Birthday.
(There were 10 kings in the Church crib !!!! many of them hiding or sneaking off in the opposite direction :P the main ones were there though, thats what matters na :P )
Quite a few people said I looked pretty today (Vain I know ;) )
My room is decorated ...
I did my share for the community, however small it is :)
There was cake too, vanilla cake :)
I even got a few Christmas gifts, one surprise gift at 12, like I found it under the tree :)
My future looks reasonably solid and bright from where I stand (distant future I mean, Got exams in a couple of days, for that I'm not saying much o.o.)

Christmas does not hold the same meaning it once it. It's different. It's a ... beautiful season, excitement ...sometimes forced. I still love it, but is it only because of habit, I cannot tell.
Today morning, I had a realization. I think it's sort of God's gift to me.
And like God's gifts, it's very hard to decipher, but I know I might just learn to like it ...
The realization was, the bubble I like in... all my walls of defenses ..I've been living for about 3 years thinking this is how it will be from now on, and cold hearted as it may I may seem, I've learnt to live with it. All the walls around me. Decisions as objective as possible, avoiding getting attached as much as possible, walking off before a blink when I get even the slightest inkling that it doesn't matter. You get the drift .... well it felt like someone was telling me that it will all eventually fade ... the walls, the defenses, the whole thing (I think). And it won't be sudden or drastic... but eventually in 3 years or so.. :)
Thats nice I think. I can loosen up a bit :)

I don't know what you got for Christmas, but I would like to give you,

A smile

And wish for you,

Hope, for that's one of the best things we can have, even when all else fails
Love, loads and loads of it !!! Beautiful thing, that keeps the world spinning :)
A hug from and for someone you love
and Peace when you close your eyes, so that it brings that smile on your face .

Merry Christmas !!!


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