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When you know for sure :)

I just finished watching Notting Hill.
For probably the hundredth time :)
Every time, like reading a book again, something strikes me as new and sweet / not so sweet.
I was watching and wondering today, as something struck me at the climax.
Those of you who haven't watched the movie, I would recommend you watch it and get back to the rest of the post. :)
The part where they're in the press conference, and he had just proposed, and she accepted, in so many words, maybe not the right ones, and definitely not the most romantic of situations, that.
They're both so far away, but the million dollar smiles on each of their faces, as they look at each other ... because now they know, that ... that's the one, that's the one who's going to make me happier, forever, from now on.
Staying where they are, but the room doesn't seem to matter.
When he is slightly out of focus, she tilts her head... just a bit, and the smile that wavered for a second there, is o…

Life's Irony - Missing what's in front of you

This post ...this acceptance is being made after a lot of contemplation, and a LOT of life in denial.
My friend and I go walking every evening, 40 mins. Both of us being girls in the early twenties, single and unmarried, who have a tendency to have in a few romantic fantasies (okay, maybe more than a few); our topic of conversation often revolves around men, marriage and the moon.
I've always wanted to be single.
I even have my perfect life plan, complete with various locations, taking into account the more minute details. Details, which till date have never involved a man (except during one very confusing week).
My track record won't exactly help anyone believe that. But my friends, those who know me best, will vouch for it, and have given me more than a small piece of their minds trying to convince me otherwise!
Thing is, I've tried.
Done my fair share of experimenting, still at it. And as my aunt keeps telling me, "don't lose yourself in all your experimentatio…

Merry Christmas !!!

A very Christmas to all of you :)

A beautiful Christmas, in so many ways ...
The climate's perfect!
I'm surrounded by people who love me, in spite of the fact that I'm so far away from home.
I don't have major regrets for things I did, or things I shouldn't have done, kept those to a minimum or I've already worked out solutions :)
Spoke to my Dad, sis ...cousins... friends ...almost everyone who matters.
Went and wished God a very Happy Birthday.
(There were 10 kings in the Church crib !!!! many of them hiding or sneaking off in the opposite direction :P the main ones were there though, thats what matters na :P )
Quite a few people said I looked pretty today (Vain I know ;) )
My room is decorated ...
I did my share for the community, however small it is :)
There was cake too, vanilla cake :)
I even got a few Christmas gifts, one surprise gift at 12, like I found it under the tree :)
My future looks reasonably solid and bright from where I stand (distant future …

Placement Fever

It's in the air ...It's in my friend. It's everywhere. Am I feeling it too finally? I think so !!! I'm not particularly worried, not even tensed or anxious, just something in my system which is all excited about the possibilities this week might hold, or the disappointments it might bring. Fingers and toes crossed! Pray for me people. :)