Post Decision - Cognitive Dissonance

Many times, we stick to certain decisions only because we made them in the first place, and we don't want to contradict what we have decided for ourselves. We are so afraid of proving ourselves wrong, fear of sounding shallow to ourselves and the society.
To reduce cognitive dissonance, after the decision is made.
Sometimes though, after the decision is made, we get so many reasons that scream at our faces saying that it was wrong. But for certain aspects, for example, for getting over someone you liked, the society has a set norm about how much time it should take for a person to get over certain feelings, "if they were true in the first place". Otherwise, we are branded as, like I said before, shallow... skippers ... and so on...
Why is it so difficult for them to understand that, yes I felt something, but no, I don't feel it anymore, it's not a big deal.
We're not on this planet forever, and I don't wanna spend half or more of the time here feeling obligated toward some decision, wrong decision I made sometime ago.
Why do I, in spite of knowing all this, still have the fear of thinking of myself as a shallow person?

I move on quickly, WHEN I know it won't work out. That DOES NOT mean that I would love any less or felt too little in the first place. It only means that I am sensible enough to understand that it wasn't meant to be and go on with my life.


- Sugar Cube - said…
I don't think you sld bother much about what others think.Easier said , I know but you cannot go on about explaining everyone how you feel.
And so don't make yourself feel shallow.Wrong or right - that's for you to decide.

And yes..its always nice to get over someone when you know its never going to work :)
:D I knew you'd understand ! Long time no see :)
- Sugar Cube - said…
I've been reading your posts..Just didn't have much to say :)

How have you been ?

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