I surprise me !

I surprise myself,
More and more everyday ....

What would you do if you absolutely certainly think that you know at least certain things about yourself very well, and you yourself end up doing the exact opposite ? Sounds CRAZY right ???

That's what I've been trying to ask and find out (from) myself !

In my world, a world where I don't know what I want in most aspects, rather, know what I don't want, based on which I make my choices, I find myself, staring at a decision. A decision made on an issue for which (one of the few aspects for which) I thought with absolute certainty I knew what I wanted. A decision, which shattered every illusion of the previous statement. In an rationality, I do consider myself very rational, I don't see any logic! Zilch!

Something though, had helped make it much easier for me to make a call on this issue in the afore mentioned rational and logical way. Call on it, I'm made. Execution, I'm claiming to have made. In truth? I feel like I'm being pulled in opposite directions, with complete equal and opposite forces. Result? I wish I had listened in Physics classes! I bet they spoke about things like this !!!!

Will keep ya updated :)


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