Restless ...

I have an exam in 56 minutes, and here I am blogging.
I haven't finished studying, haven't even gone through the portions once fully.
I'm restless. Moody. Irritated. Frustrated. Happy about the climate. Most of all, just restless.
Why ? Can't say for sure.
Even the thought of being home in 8 days is not as calming as it used to be, may be because of all the exams in between. Especially that jack ass's paper. Apparently he's coming back next trimester also. Damn.
But that contributes to hardly 20% of my restlessness.
I miss my sister suddenly, dunno why.
I miss home, and I miss the peace of mind I had back when I was living there.
I don't know if I should get involved with anything going on here.
People are confusing. I just wanna stay away. Stare at the skies.
Dunno ...


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