Personal Space ... Relationship boudaries

So it is true...
My boudaries are too wide. People don't want to ... mess with me. No let me rephrase that.
People get a vibe that I won't get too close to them. That I will maintain a lot of emotional distance.
People get all these vibes ....Because , I do.
I do give of those vibes.
And, yes, I am too scared to get too close, emotionally.
Because , whatever hell that you may say, people don't stay till the end. They leave.
That hurts. That hurts only if they mattered in the first place right ?
I don't know why exactly, or maybe I do.
Bottom line, I can be a friend, I will do a lot for you if you want it off me , but I will keep my distances till I'm positively sure that you will never intentionally hurt me.
So there.
Dunno why, but this makes me sad ... sad to have to admit it, instead of pretending that nothing of that is true. But, I know, I'd rather be like this, than give one more person the power to hurt me.


- Sugar Cube - said…
Yup ppl don't stay till the end.

And its abs fine to draw lines for yourself.
Its really difficult to detach when you get yourself emotionally attached to someone.Its always better to maintain the distance.

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