My top 20 FAVOURITEST things !!!!

  1. Rain and mom, be it dancing in the rain, long arguments, chocolate and just silence, watching the rain, we’ve done it all together. Nothing ever ever beats that.
  2. Stars and the moon, they tell me she is out there somewhere, she better be.
  3. Sunrise at the beach
  4. Long walks with my dad in the beach at night
  5. Tulips, in a strong pink colour, the darker shade, they look most tender but are one of the strongest flowers.
  6. Aqua marine blue, black and lavender. Baby pink of course J
  7. The moon, and the hope that true love does exist. I want to know, to prove that something that beautiful isn’t a part of only fairy tales.
  8. Babies, and their big trusting eyes, soft palms and feet. Nothing can beat their innocence. Little baby girls in pink fluffy dresses J
  9. Laughter, nothing bonds people better. With friends and family.
  10. Flying above the clouds.
  11. Feeling at home
  12. Speed, flooring a car on a smooth empty road.
  13. Long walks during dawn, dew drops on the grass.
  14. Chapel at school
  15. Climbing trees.
  16. One to one conversations.
  17. Photography, just the thrill of capturing a moment
  18. Singing on the top of my voice (:P)
  19. Pleasant surprises
  20. Whisper of the wind, rustle of the leaves, secrets of the trees.