Hmmm .... This is just so ...

I'm going home tomorrow ! :)
For 8 glorious days ! For which, I'm already wishing each day had more than 30 hrs at least !
There's this ...
Have you heard this song "Cry" By faithhill ?
There are a few lines in that ...
"If I had just one tear running down my face...
Could I have just one moment at your expense?
... would you cry a little,
not just a little
Pretend you're feeling
A little more pain..."

Do I want that ?
A friend of mine told me that last year, leaving this place even for that one week was a very tough thing to do. But, now, for me, it doesn't seem tough at all.
I feel relieved. I'm glad I'm gonna get out of here, and go back to a world where I know that people do really care about me.
Where I don't have to regret ever telling.
Regret being me.
As much as I hate to regret, in my heart, I know, that this thing I regret.
I'm not quite sure which part of it...
Falling too fast? Believing it is possible? Telling? Torturing myself?

The thing is ... I'm still not too sure about ... whats going on at the other end.
Sometimes the gut feeling is so strong, but so it was in the beginning.
True that I need just 5 seconds to neutralize any feeling, and about 20 more seconds to even take it on the negative side, but ... I don't like doing it.
I don't have a choice.
I wish these 6 months were over, and ... I never have to wonder with confusion everytime ...

6 months.
180 days.
God help me !


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