Talking about bells,
Someone once told me, that a girl should never buy bells, she should only be gifted them.
She told me this right when I was about to get myself a very pretty pink terracotta bell... I was sad, I loved it, and so wanted it. But, before I knew it, she had bought that bell and gifted it to me, my very first bell. :)
That happened about 2 years ago, ever since then I have been gifted bells by various people, tiny bells, chimes, pretty bells and so on .... I must admit that, occasionally, when I see a very nice bell in a shop I make my companion buy it for me :P

Bells, literally have such a nice ring to them, don't they ? :)
They are associated with some of the best things in life!
Church bells - for Sunday morning.
Christmas bells - the happiest season of every year
Wedding bell - need I say anything here?

I know that when I have a home of my own, I'm gonna have bells, little and large hanging everywhere. Near the window... at the entrance.... and hiding at various places :)

Enough of my dreaming !

Hope your day has a nice ring to it :)


Archana said…
Heh cute post. Bells do have a nice ring to it!

I like wind chimes, and especially the ones in South East Asia. They are so aesthetically pleasing to look at. And obviously, sound just as nice. :)
don't they :)
Wind chimes in the window ...

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