The Final School Bell

Back when I was at school, the final school bell rang at 3.15pm, so from 2.40 all our faces start becoming brighter and brighter because we know that we'll be home soon. Do you know that feeling? Nice feeling isn't it ? :)
I loved it, the fact that the next day, we will be back again is for that moment forgotten, and it's a feeling of pure pleasure for little things, but ... definitely nice things that are to come.
That's how I'm feeling now.
Why ?
I'll probably see my dad and sis next week, and I'll be going home the end of next week. These will be brief meets compared to the entire life time I've spent with them before I came here.
Distance makes the heart fonder, why? You never know the value of things till you lose it.
I love my dad and sis. I love my family. I've been happy in many places, but I've felt perfectly peaceful only when my family is around me.
So, I eagerly wait for this bell to ring :)


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