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[ I had written this post sometime in 2011, and I think I forgot to publish it. I messed up the time stamp, and forgot when exactly this happened also. Asked my friend who was a part of this, and she said her memory is wiped clean too! Old Grannies we are I tell you. Anyway, this is a nice memory for keeping :) ]

"Sleepover at my place, tomorrow evening, be there"
-I found myself staring at that text message from my best friend from school for a long time. More doubts than necessary twirling in my head.

About a week before this, I was at my friends place. Three of us were sitting there, when one of them mentioned that Post graduation had changed me very much, made me very mature, so I wasn't fun any more. I hadn't realized that, at college I'm almost the youngest, and it's not something anyone lets me forget, so being called mature ... more importantly, the changed too much part was kinda disconcerting.

Should I go ? What if everyone thought I'd changed too much ? What if they don't like it ? What if I have to be like the polite stranger the entire time , feeling miserable inside ?

I was so confused, that I even asked my college friend for counsel.

Change is something I'm not very comfortable with, so when someone tells you that you have changed a lot, when you didn't notice, it can hit you hard.

So, after a lot of internal debate, I thought, What the heck, I'm going .

The start ... Ended up going the last, with a salwar when everyone (except Lady Labak - I can depend on her for this for sure :) ) was wearing jeans and Tees.

After about half hour though, I realized that it was fine. I might've changed on the outside ... but so had everyone ! And we were just catching up on that change. On the inside though, we were all still the same.
We were growing up... becoming women, but we were also there for each other. Maybe the frequency with which we communicate may have reduced, but when we got back together, it's like we cheat time for a bit and become our own selves.
We spoke a lot that night ... but I had become my school self in some ways, I listened more than I spoke.
Sure there are a lot of things I wish they knew about me, the person I've become... My new friends ... my changed perspective about a lot of things. But we have only so much time, and we updated ourselves on most things which were most important about our lives now. While having super fun in the process ...

I had meant this post to be something that described what we did , 3 good things about each one ... which ended up as all best things we could think of. The attempt at UNO. Mid night hunger, 3 women making one packet of Maggi. Grown up talks. Girl fights. Hugs. Lul and Lol :P . And a hundred other things... together :)

But it doesn't matter, what matters is, we were together. And now I know that all my fears were pointless, and I have 5 ( + 2 who couldn't turn up ) of the best friends ever , forever :)
Merci Beaucoup :)

Lul !!!!


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