Shooting Stars

I look up at the stars when I walk at night ....
The other day, I sent my friend a pic of a shooting star, and he said it was probably computer generated. I was sad, that something so beautiful wasn't real. 
Tonight, when I looked up, I wished I'd see a shooting star.
Then I wondered, if the entire sky had just shooting stars, wouldn't it be awesome ? But the image that came to my mind was more chaos than awe inspiring ...
Life is like that, we remember the exciting moments in such detail, but we seldom realize that those moments are special only because our rest of the life is .... well, monotonous or rather, less eventful. How would you like it if EVERYTHING in our life is changing ALWAYS ??
It's the stars that patiently stay in the same position everyday that add beauty to shooting stars. It's the monotonous parts of our lives that give special colour to the moments in them :)

I look up at the stars when I walk at night, and I'm glad they're always there, always the same :)


Sivaprakasam said…
Excellent thinking. But why did you stop short? A rare thing is usually special. But the irony which you are talking about is we would want to not be so rare so that we can enjoy the thing. But when it becomes so common, we might not like it only.
So, as a process of the brain, we try to simply own things that are coveted by others or things that are rare and when it becomes commonplace we tend to lose the ecstasy. But, what one must realize is, during the course of acquiring the rare thing, you would have made another common thing rare....
Very true, maybe it's a cycle, we take something for granted, and one day when we don't have access to it anymore, we realize it's true value. I'm talking about things as simple as a corner store, a walk alone...
Thank God we have only enough ability to to call a few things special... and rare. Otherwise life would be rather tiresome ! :P . Doncha think ?

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