The other side of sunset ...

The other side of sunset
Is where the moon does rise
The other side of sunset
Is where the heart cries
and cheeks become wet.
Where all my secret lies,
and regret.

The other side of sunset
confusion could arise...
with the sun so far away
and one feeing smaller than a grain of rice.
The other side of sunset,
where are all the butterflies ?
I stand, at the other side of sunset
as my heart cries....

I wrote this poem in my head as I took a walk, no points for guessing where! Towards the other side of sunset :)
I was a bit confused, a little mad and mostly just feeling restricted and helpless, so I took a walk which is not my usual path. It started off with me cursing the world and it's complexities.
All that till I saw the sky, where I expected to see bare boring blue compared to the amazing mixture of hues on the other side. Instead, there was a pleasant surprise awaiting moi !
The sky wasn't bare and boring ! It was a sof pink and a mixture of so many other colours which reflected the sunset. I never thought it was possible, but there is was :)

Then I realized that everything was fine. If the sun ain't around, it leaves behind a glow for me :)

Regrets are common, and so are sorrows. they're part of life. the best part is finding the reflection of the sun even in the other side of sunset where we may think the light left long ago.
My walk back left me with emotions very different from the ones I started walking with.
At some point, some turn made me go towards the sunset, that's when looking behind the sky seemed to tell me the sun might've left here long ago, but it will come back soon .

The other side of sunset, in the evening is where secrets are safe. 
We have a special one together.
The other side of sunset, is where the sun will rise :)


Sivaprakasam said…
Beautiful expression of sorrow or sadness as a perceived feeling.. Many a times we feel sad.. The sadness arising out of the lack of social or phychological support is maddening. If I have understood you correctly, you have talked about that. I say this bcos most of our problems occurs due to disparate perception abilities of all of us. The difference, if present is taxing.. N I feel, even if u sort it out, its boring and hence taxing.
We have lots to learnfrom nature. As u say, when u look up at something serene and as simple as a familiar sky or a tree, it suddenly dawns to you that things can be simple. When so many things does its duties in life without any expecttations.. A neat and timely advice that there is light in the sunset.. You can choose to be free.. Nature teaches so many things.. But then, rationality again argues, it is perceived as teaching. What so ever, looking at things other than human complexities help.. Maybe we have been brought up to be narrow minded.. Say, if u had chanced to see a different animal, then again you could have been relived off your agony.. Or say, you go to a diff geography, then again.. Or u know wht, even dreams have relieved agony at times.. less than causing the same.. :P Its all abt dreams Vs reality.. But there is nothing called reality.. Choose your dream..

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