Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Warning spoliers ahead !!!
This is my best friend's simplified (I like to believe that it's especially for me :P ) version of Gladiator. 
Hope you like it as much as I did :D

An army general

Super successful in battle

Wins 100% trust of the old king

He survives last battle and seeks permission to go home

King agrees

King has son and a daughter

Son evil

Seeks inheritance

King says general is only fit to lead the kingdom

Son kills father (king) secretly

General has the whole army's loyalty

He thinks this is the work of enemies and sets to kill them

A few commanders under the general betray him

Son assumes power

Orders to kill general

General escapes

Son doesn’t know about it

Son kills all men loyal to the general

Crucifies and burns general’s wife and son

Rules like an ass

King's daughter lives in fear

And she loved general

General said no

She has a kid now

From some guy

Dead now

General escapes, only to become a slave

Fights death matches

As a gladiator

Wins trust and support of fellow slaves

On the other hand

Bad son wants a descendant of "pure" blood

So you can guess the woman he chose....


The slaves brought into bad son's own kingdom to fight for show

Daughter (king’s) poisons her bro and arranges for general's escape from prison

General gives word that he will ensure her son's safety to bad kings daughter

This attempt however is crushed by bad son

Bad son holds sisters little boy hostage

Bullies a confession out of her

The original king’s son

Bad guy

He tries various methods to kill the slave (general)

He cannot kill him directly you see

(The general is a charismatic figure

Everyone knows him

If he kills him directly

He will lose image

General will become the good guy

And the king will become bad in the eyes of the public

Also, it will convey the idea the king killed him because he was afraid

Bad king no want that)

General survives all attempts

The bad guy getting pissed decides to end it

He goes to the prison, stabs a small knife into his (general) chest

Covers the wound

And issues a challenge in the arena

Bad guy (king) in top condition, fights the crippled general in public in a fight to death

General knocks off bad guy’s sword, while being barely able to stand

The commander (who was loyal to the general at first) also there

Bad king shouts out for a sword

But the men there watching the condition of their former leader

Sheath their swords

General kills bad king

General lives for a few a seconds more

In his last words, asks the slaves to be freed and dies.



Friday, February 20, 2009

Behind me...

I had something for you
something to give you
Something precious to me
I just wanted to give it 
But, yes there's always a catch appparently
In everything that matters as anything
I couldn't give it to you
I let it slip through my fingers,
fall down ...
I didn't look back to see if it had broken
If it hadn't I might've wanted to get it back.
I can't afford to do that.
So I just moved on...
Sometimes I wonder ... what if it isn't broken
What if it's still just there...
Thats all I can do
I can't go back and check
Because I can't do anything about it.
Occassionally, when I think of it,
I write something like this.
I won't forget you or what I had to give you...
But that's all I can do.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The other side of sunset ...

The other side of sunset
Is where the moon does rise
The other side of sunset
Is where the heart cries
and cheeks become wet.
Where all my secret lies,
and regret.

The other side of sunset
confusion could arise...
with the sun so far away
and one feeing smaller than a grain of rice.
The other side of sunset,
where are all the butterflies ?
I stand, at the other side of sunset
as my heart cries....

I wrote this poem in my head as I took a walk, no points for guessing where! Towards the other side of sunset :)
I was a bit confused, a little mad and mostly just feeling restricted and helpless, so I took a walk which is not my usual path. It started off with me cursing the world and it's complexities.
All that till I saw the sky, where I expected to see bare boring blue compared to the amazing mixture of hues on the other side. Instead, there was a pleasant surprise awaiting moi !
The sky wasn't bare and boring ! It was a sof pink and a mixture of so many other colours which reflected the sunset. I never thought it was possible, but there is was :)

Then I realized that everything was fine. If the sun ain't around, it leaves behind a glow for me :)

Regrets are common, and so are sorrows. they're part of life. the best part is finding the reflection of the sun even in the other side of sunset where we may think the light left long ago.
My walk back left me with emotions very different from the ones I started walking with.
At some point, some turn made me go towards the sunset, that's when looking behind the sky seemed to tell me the sun might've left here long ago, but it will come back soon .

The other side of sunset, in the evening is where secrets are safe. 
We have a special one together.
The other side of sunset, is where the sun will rise :)