A very happy New Year to ya !
This was the first time I entered a new year without being surrounded by any of my family ... blood relatives. No blessings from daddy yet, 3 days into the year.
His blessings are always with me right :)
But it makes such a big diifference... one night, it was 2008, and it was still what happened last year... now... it's what happened in 2007... 2008, completely ... I hated that part :(

I'll be home next week same time, feels good. Feels really good! For someone who wanted to fly, I like being rooted. I guess I'm a homing bird, always will be, and I love that bit :)
The new year promises a lot of change, not much sleep... people getting in, more effort to stay in touch rather than take for granted like before. I think it'll be fine ... 

As for 2008 ... some of the best, the scariest, the loneliest, the happiest, and a whole load of interesting feelings which I can really blog. I liked it. I refuse to love it, but I did like it.
I learnt a lot. I learnt a lot from others. I learnt about myself. I surprised myself more number of times than ever before. I had fun :) and I realized that some fears were ill founded, some memories can stay forever. 

Off I go now :)


Sivaprakasam said…
Happy New Year..! This is similar to what my sister used to tell. Why on earth do I forget my sis's B day.. :) Something routine n common place as wishing on a festival or a B day is bringin in so much happiness...

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