That smile ...

I didn't think she'd come this side to talk.
She didn't really talk, her friend did all the talking.
They weren't talking to to me.
Her friend was talking to him...
I was hoping she noticed that I was just getting a favour and for that moment nothing else.
Don't think it mattered to her ... it probably didn't make a difference eitherways.
She just stared at me, dead on. 
Or maybe she was staring at the both of us...not sure.
There was a weird smile playing around her lips. A smile where I had fully expected a glare.
The smile wasn't warm though ....
It was disconcerting. 
If I were smiling like that, I would've probably been thinking "lets see how long this lasts"
Did she realize that she wasn't really on the right track ?
Misconception is an interesting concept ... especially when I watch it as an outsider. Watch it happen to me as an outsider.
I wanted to smile at her
A warm smile that greeted. All I could do was stare ... stare and wonder.
Wonder not what she was thinking, that was evident. Wonder what made her think so ...
Some would probably say, isn't it obvious. It is... the obvious part is obvious.
But there is more, there always is in the mind of a woman who smiles that way ...
She never said a thing to him or me.
She went on, after the other 2 were done with the conversation.
I never could manage my smile 
I'm still wondering about hers.


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