I lost my heart...

I lost my heart today...
I don't know how
I don't know when
I don't know where
Its just not there ...
I noticed a bit too late, that my heart was gone
Search for it I did
but, find it, I didn't
I wonder if someone found it
I wonder if someone took it for themselves
Its my heart ...
I thought it was mine to keep forever
but now I think I'll see it never ...
Hope is there
It was first very bright
But its reduced to tiny feeble ray

I lost my heart today ...
I hope I get it back ...

They said, don't worry
It happens all the time ...
some even said you can replace it.
But it is... was my heart.
Its not easy to replace something you love

Have you ever lost something dear to you ?
Then you probably understand what I mean
What I feel ...


Sivaprakasam said…
Evrything about love is psychological.. And so no one can sure walk in ur boots to find your heart. But if I find I ll give u sure..

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