Happy Birthday

Time runs so fast... but some memories are forever.
I still remember 2 years ago, midnight... you sat there with the green sari, smiling so wide.
Gosh, you looked so beautiful ! You were ... are the most beautiful person I will ever know.
All those birthdays.... 
3 years ago, when all our plans flopped, I went shopping on my own the very first time on your birthday and picked you up on my way back. You told me you're little daughter had sprouted wings... the rest of the day was perfect. We all had so much of fun ...
4 years ago... when Santa came on your birthday. I always knew inside that you were my biggest gift, maybe I never let you know like I should have. I hope one day I'll be able to tell you... Santa sang for you that year.
5 years ago... I was in school... had exams that day, Biology or Chemistry, don't remember... but we came back and decorated the house for you. You came back, and you were so surprised. That was the first surprise birthday party I think ...

All the shopping... all the "common tell us what you want", and your "I already have everything I need"s... Daddy's gifts, the saris ... exchanging them :P . Keeping them some years so he's happy. Other years when he gave a bill himself and said get what you want. Hehe.

The sneaking and planning... I guess you always knew what we were up to, I don't know...I never will. Maybe one day you'll tell me.

Starting to get ready for Christmas....

You always smelt so nice every morning when I came to hug you... did you know it took me about 6 months to find your smell again?

You had the prettiest laugh ever... 

I don't remember how last year went. I don't remember even a second... 
I wish there had been a memory like the others... I wish you were there to make the memory.

I wish you're very very happy wherever you are, I hope they get you red and pink roses.
I love you.
Happy birthday !!
Yours forever and ever.


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