In Persuit of Happiness

I don't know how it happened.
What happened was this: just another normal forward about how you have to smile more, spread the joy, be happy from within ... that kinda stuff.
The difference was, this time, instead of mechanically hitting the delete button, I took 2 mins to actually consider what I'd just read.
It made sense. It made perfect sense.
You want a happy life? Choose to be he happy! 
It can't get simpler than that !
Now, I smile more, think happy thoughts and the world is a beautiful place to live in.
Nothing is complicated because I choose for everything to be simple :)
Those 2 extra minutes made a big difference in my past 2 days, hope my memory serves me well, so I always remember the choice has been, is and always will be mine :)

Smile :)


- N - said…
'Choose to be happy!'
Liked that :)
Sivaprakasam said…
Its all complimentary. How many time have you felt bored of doing nothing or doing things in a routine manner (simple way). When something simple excites you, the outlook towards that issue would have been complex earlier. And so the excitement is more if you had had a very complex view. And so I suggest, dont get simple. Have it damn complex. You will be very happy when u discover the simplicity..