And it rained...

 This post is dedicated to a person...
I just saw him the day before, wearing a jeans jacket and a woollen cap.
I haven't known him for very long, less than 6 months in fact.
Initially I thought he was a quiet and introvert sort of a person.
He didn't talk much, he rode a cycle back and forth from college, and had a smile ready whenever you looked at him and always wore a cap, which I've rarely seen him without.
Then I realized he smokes, I have been programmed to automatically dislike those who smoke.
Since I'd never spoken to him much, I decided I probably never might. 
I was wrong. In a lot of ways.
Firstly, he wasn't shy at all, he was probably just getting used to the new place like all of us were, and he was very very friendly and funny. He had his unique way of pronouncing most words.
I don't remember our first decent conversation, but I do remember it was never anything sad, most of our conversations were just like him; lighthearted. He took teasing positively and could put up the perfect puppy dog face.
He could sketch really well, I've had the pleasure of seeing only one of his sketches, but I know the girl he drew, his friend, felt special after seeing that.
He was very worried for me at both instances, once when I wasn't feeling well and the other after my accident. Though, once he knew it was alright, he was one of the first to start imitating my limp walk for sometime.
I wish it had just been in a tiny accident, after which I could have teased him about his walk... but, it wasn't.
I guess fate had other plans.
There have been times when I used to think that if I died, it should be before exams, but it was just after the exam for him. I hope he felt a sense of completion...
I know all of us want to get places before we reached the final destination. Someplace where we achieve something... I hope he knew that in spite of all that, he did make a lot of people happy and he has made a difference in many people's lives. I hope that where he is now, people think he's a silent guy and then get a pleasant surprise when they realize how he really is. I hope more than anything else that he is happy there.
It is raining here, like even the skies felt like crying...


Sivaprakasam said…
You are an amazing writer. I was just thinking that the person whom you were talkin about was some fictitious character (as usual), but I was taken aback to consider the truth. Respecting your attempt to not mention anyone's name, I truely share your feelings..

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