3 AM

It's 3 Am, and I woke up because of a silly reason: mosquitoes.
Stayed awake, because of an even more sillier reason ... to read up old chats with someone.
Just done reading a few. 
For someone who wants to live with no regrets, and move on in life with just the lessons learnt in the past, I hold on tight to the string .... rope named past.
There is a friend... one who in the beginning, I was reluctant to even befriend.
My friend worked on, and around my defenses and we ended up being pretty good friends.
Social constraints always mattered a little more than my friend claimed it matters... that was in fact the only problem, from the very beginning.
The rest was perfect... it seemed so. 
Then life decided perfection to be appreciated has of course to be taken away, and so it happened.
I can't tell what exactly is the state at my  friend's end, but I think I can say I have a decent idea... Decent idea, or no idea, whatever happened changed EVERYTHING.
Now I don't know if I should hold on to this particular string as I don't know if it's part of my past or present, they seem like very very different things (the past and the present of the same thing)
The deal is, for now I'm holding on, should I ?
I can't assure you that I would take your advice, but I assure you it will help.
Will you let go if everything except the related person change in a relationship ?
Think about it and tell me what you'd do ....
I think I'll go back to sleep now...
Have a great day y'all !


Ashwini.. said…
At times the happiness obtained for a moment would seem worth d pain of looking back.. But then, wat if that happiness is not gonna change anythn anyway?? Maybe the pain of not doing something that you want to desperately, will help in preventing the frustration later.. And when there is force to let go there is always a counter force holding us back... Time will teach d way to move on.. not just move on but look back and not feel the pain anymore....
Sivaprakasam said…
Social contraints are a matter sure. Bugging though, you got to appreciate that a portion of your energy is drawn from this society. Its tough cos you cant change the society. Neither can you change their perceptions. I have had difficulties. Your argument about changing the person without the relationship is not acceptable. Mainly for the issue that you can choose the relationship. And the feeling towards another person is directly borne by the actual person's features n behaviors. Dont bother much. Its all a farce. Time will change.

My take still. Hold on the rope..