Yello !!!!!!!

Heya guys !!
For those who didn't know, James Marsden says "Hello" like that in 27 dresses, and yes girls he does look gorgeous :P

I think that statement amazingly represents the theme of this post. I was just talking to this intellectually deep minded friend of mine, trying to explain to him why I didn't really want to market this blog though I love this place ... then there were so many reasons ... or rather it was such a nice feeling, I wanted to share it.

This is more like a place for me, where I can be myself ... In here I feel like a fairy queen with freedom. Don't roll your eyes :P 
When I started it was more because I didn't want to write, like with a pen and paper ... then now I have these few people who read my blog regularly and comment on my posts. I must thank -n-, though I have no idea who he or she is ! But I know -n-'s blog is really nice !

Another aspect, which is my favourite part is the complete freedom here... I always thought if I had too much power it'll get to my head. I know this is just a blog, but its totally my blog ... and I felt good here, I never wanted to misuse this place and I give it my best.

Its also my sanctuary where I can be totally myself, express parts of me I may not be able to make others understand if I were talking face to face or even as simply as a chat ... somethings just cannot be communicated directly, for those things I'm glad I can come here. Its not getting defensive or anything, but think about it, I'm sure there would have been some occasion where you really wanted to say something, but couldn't ... well if you get what I'm saying, and don't blog yet, try it, you might just find your sanctuary :)


Sivaprakasam said…
Yup.. True.. We r self-monitored, atleast to some extent n so some ideas cant be spelt except in places where u care a damn what others think of u.. A blog.. Maybe a place.. Yup.. It could be a place akin to a sanctuary.. Nevertheless left to so much scrutiny can lose the sanctum feel.. Audacious but true.. You may not be the queen if I start speakin of your blogs.. N so marketing actually defeats the core purpose.. Amazing content..!
- N - said…
Blog is supreme freedom ! Totally subscribe with the words in your last para.
I simply love reading your blog for one that I know its genuine.Just like you said it gives you the freedom to be yourself..where it really doesn't matter who thinks what about you !

and I'm a girl :D !
Chandy said…
Respect your full freedom.But then I feel that some emotions will find its full outlet when you express in person(with the one who you love the most).
Pradeep Melchis said…
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Pradeep Melchis said…
Respect your thoughts!! I do find many of my friends, saying the very same things. They feel that blogging is a way of expressing themselves in ways they could have not expressed themselves in the real world.

But I feel, as Chandy said, one really needs to have a soul mate to vent out their feelings. Agreed that blogs won't hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable, but there are certain emotions one can share with a soul mate which a blog cannot substitute. (There is catch though!!! You need to find that soul mate and a right one too!!!)

That apart, I also really like blogging, cuz, its similar to taking a break from life's hectic pace and give some much needed time for oneself...

Happy Blogging.. But a sincere suggestion from a periyappa, please do interact more with people!!! People aren't that scary after all!!!
Virendra said…
Blogs are good... they are a different world in themselves; but they shouldn't become THE world. Interactions in real life do help.... blogs just don't respond, makes it easy to vent. but, aren't dialogues better ?

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