Shadows on the wall

I always used to see faces in most of the shadows, back when I stayed at home ... toss some clothes on a line, and if there's a shadow it makes, there was always a face hidden there. My theory was, they are playing with us, and need to be found.
Lion and Mr. Beard Man were most common, though Mr. Beard Man had a habit of regularly changing the length of his beard. One day it was very long, next day, a close shave and the third day it was long again (I wonder how he did that o.0)
I used to talk to them, make stories about them, try to gauge their emotions.
Yup they kept me entertained well, I must say !
After I shifted to where I am now, I lost touch with them. Every activity has become a chore and somewhere along the line, the fun was lost. 
After a long long time, I saw her. A shadow lady, a clear and distinctive shadow lady.
[A clear and distinct image is one that doesn't change or disappear as we go farther away or go closer to it. (My defi) ]
I realized how much I missed such small things that made home what it was. Like a couple of days back, I slept for almost 9 hours! I hadn't done that in ever so long ! Boy, did it feel good !

The good part is shadow people have returned to my imaginary world, the bad part you ask ... ?

I have to get going now, or I'll have to see some real angry faces on real people soon !!! :P


Chandy said…
Looks like you live in a lone world where you are the one and everything. Keep enjoying small small things around you.
Abheek said…
Seeing faces on the wall confines one to the same faces with different emotions. It will obviate one from experiencing many other which colour life so vividly. There is one thing I do which you could try...the clouds. Ever tried to read the stories they narrate? It will amaze you surely.

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