Rainy days are back again ...

Its raining again :)

I love it ! Its green, water everywhere, and the rain ain't hard most of the time :D
Cool or what ?!
This is gonna be long, so those who wanna escape, this is your exit.
All ye other brave souls, I'm proud of you :P
It first started raining last Sunday afternoon-ish. (Today's Tuesday btw)
We had an exam in the morning. That was done, and the next exam wasn't around for a week, so I was feeling very liberated, like most others there :)
It started off as a gentle drizzle around 12 ... we had lunch ... I ran home and got my umbrella so I could bring my roomie her umbrella and bring mine to drop ( a very differently opinionated - about rain) my bro at his place.
That of course, was my excuse for getting to walk in the rain :P
The umbrellas were brought, and the social service started around the same time. After taking at least ten people back and forth, each time telling myself I'm a very good girl, with so much of social responsibility, but each time hearing my conscience prick hard and say "c'mon ! you know you're doing this because you want to walk in the rain" :P
At one point, I stopped telling myself the good girl part . 
It was raining ! Nothing else mattered :D
After the social trips , I went to get water, all the way to the mess, instead of close to m place. 
Then I went to give a friend of mine something.

Those were a whole bunch of excuses . That's when it struck me,
"since when did I start giving excuses to myself and others to do something as simple as walking in the rain, which I love ?! "
There was my pink umbrella on the road again, but this time, we (me and the umbrella) also had freedom with us !
It wasn't a very long walk , just till the end of a road beyond the hostel gates ... but it felt god, really good!
Some people say rainy days are the best days for romantic walks, I feel rainy days are the best days to get re acquainted with yourself ! So that's what I was doing :)
I saw beautiful trees, a teensie weensie dead froggie, a beautiful reflection of a tree in a puddle of water, flowers gently falling down.
I managed to get a photograph of that road, Special thanks to this amazing photographer friend of mine ! So now you'll have a good idea of where I was :)

I went for many more walks that day, but the one with myself was most fun. 
One more reason why I love rain and the walk was that animals always go into hiding then. :P
Though, this time, a dog, Pepsi, that's like our college dog was chased by 2 other street dogs ... this one ran towards me. Normally I would've run a mile away. Something stopped me this time. She stood a few feet from where I was, the other dogs went away. There was no other soul on the road or anywhere in sight, and we were sizing each other up, gave a look of acknowledgement and walked on ... don't think I've ever done that to a dog before, and I don't think I've named anyone else in my blog before ... 
Between Pepsi and me, I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from crossing the road if I see a dog... but that moment was ... well a moment.

That day passed by... and the next one came along. The rain never stopped, not for one moment.
We had classes only in the morning, and hap plans for the evening.
The rain kind of splashed over our evening plans .... by 7 in the night with more that 24 hours of non stop rain, even I was starting to get a bit restless.
By 7:10, we were ready to give anything for some fun. 
7:15 Pm and voila ! The rain stopped :D
Dinner plans were made by 7:25Pm, plans to leave by 7:45 Pm.
By 7:40Pm, we were all set to have a blast
By 7.43Pm, the skies burst open again
By 7:44Pm, our hopes sunk ....
7.45 came and went ...we hadn't gone anywhere ...
By 7:50Pm we were at the mess, cribbing and eating the same old stuff ... with dreams of hot chicken soup unrealized.
Murphy's strike 1

Hopes of next day lunch were high, so it made it much more bearable.

The next day dawned, with hints of the sun. The rain had stopped around 5:30 Am Tuesday (today) morning ...
It didn't rain all morning :D Happiness was in the air, the climate was perfect, and all was going well, 12 Pm... questions of when do we leave were brought up, the sooner the better....
12:15Pm... was not the time of departure, was instead the time 2 very sad faces speaking over the telephone went "Its raining... I don't think we can go.... " ," Yeah, I called to ask about that. Guess we'll go another day then ... "
Murphy's strike 2
Disappointments led to some resentment, hence I went to the mess with reassurance that food was OK today afternoon. rain makes people hungry, and I was ravenous by 2. A good freezing bath (did I mention someone broke into our house and fixed freeze rays to our taps?) only helped increase my appetite. Off I went ....
Well ... Rain makes people hungry, so all the good stuff was over. Leaving me considering starvation and due to desperate pleas from my stomach, deciding against it.
Murphy's strike 3

The 3 strikes you ask ?
Law1: Probability of rain is directly proportional to probability of good dinner plans.
Law2: The more you want to do something, the more the forces acting against it.
Law3 : The hungrier you are, that much more worse is the quality of food.

All that resulted in a sulking girl, who got much better after 4 blocks of extra dark chocolate :P

Its still raining out there....
I always thought I'd love rain no matter what. I realized that wasn't true, I loved any type of rain, if I were home ... not from here. Its still nice, but there are limitations ...
Rain can make me feel locked up here. Probably because of all the thwarted plans :P nevertheless ...
I realized more than ever, the value of a certain friend who kept pinging, messaging and generally being around, though 100s of kilometers away.
I had loadsa time to soul search, and I found that I've been missing a certain factor too much.
At the end of the day, rainy days walks still do make you feel a lot better. So off we went, me and my bro... And , it didn't seem all that bad, all those disappointments ... they happen. The sun will shine again. As of now though, its raining, and I do like it. 
Its very gentle here ...now ...with the breeze (bburrrrrrrrhhhh)
This post won't have a proper ending, because like I said ... its still raining out there :)


Strider said…
So you and Pepsi had a "face off"? :)

And Pepsi is a "he" by the way! I'm glad Pepsi can't read.

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