C'est moi :)

This is one of the personality predictions made based on Birth Dates ..., this is mine, In case you believe these things and wanna know more about me. It sounds pretty cool, kinda true, but most of it fits almost everyone right ?! :P 

IF you were born on the 1st10th19th28th of any month you are number 1. 

Number 1 
You are smart, a straight talker, funny, stubborn, hardworking, honest, jealous on a competitive basis, kind hearted, temperamental, friendly, and popular. You always want to be on the top and most likely to be independent. You are most likely to fall in love at a young age, but will marry once you mature! You are likely to have problems with people who have opposite views and you are most likely to take revenge over your enemies on a long time basis. You are a spender, but you will have a good profession in the future.. If you are guy you will be very popular. You can go anywhere from the local shop to the heart of the parliament because you are positive and talented in numerous areas. But in your life you will always have some people who will work hard to bring you & your name down. Because of your intelligence, some might hate you. You are a pioneer, independent & original your best match is 4,6,8 while a good match would be with 3,5,7 


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