A word that has been a lot in my mind for sometime now ....
Its one of my favourite colours .... the sky, water, ...
I'm gonna talk only about the blue of the sky for sometime ... the pleasant blue when it windy ... soft, inviting you to take a nap out on the grass.
The really bright blue of a bright and sunny day. Not really inviting to stay outside, but you still think "wow" when you look at the brilliant blue ...
Then the blueish grey that signifies rain coming ... some like it, some hate it, some are indifferent, the reaction is too close to the liking or hating of rain. The colour though is like the calm before the storm (literally). Looks very calm, composed and you know the worst is coming.
The rain sky is more of just grey, so I'm leaving it out.
Next is the blue thats immediately after rain, the sky clearing, the cool air and the most cheerfullest of them all, feels like its winking at us, saying "Hiya, I'm back :P ". Just thinking about it makes me smile :)
The blue of the evening , a little tired, a little worn out ... like saying I just wanna sleep ...
Finally, my favourite, The blue of the night... deep, dark, full of secrets. Mystery is what I would've named her if she were a woman . You can get lost looking up at the night sky, it sometimes makes me feel tiny, but it has never made me feel alone... the night sky is an entity all on its own, but its there. It makes you look deep within yourself, deep into the future, brings out your fears, everything is different when surrounded by the midnight blue ... but I've never felt ... negative there. Weird ... its still my favourite, for reasons I can't explain ... its more of a feeling, not pleasant, just good.
So feeling blue could be any of those, and I don't know how I'm feeling @_@


Chandy said…
A very neat description of BLUE. My favorite would be a blue evening sky with long rays of red sun rays. That would be really refreshing to see especially for people after a long days work.
Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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