Time heals all wounds .... really?

Time heals all wounds... heard that before right ?
Everybody says it so often that at one point we just start believing it. Add the philosophical look to the statement, and voila ! Its sold !
Does time really heal all wounds? If you lost a leg, you get a wound, time probably heals the wound, but what about your leg ???
I was recently in a minor accident, and got hurt on my foot, I was limping for sometime, but after a point of time, though it hasn't really healed, I have learnt to walk almost normally, because I have leart to adjust to it and live with it. My wound's gonna heal in a week max. 
You learn to block the sad memories - walk in ways that do not hurt ... and say time did it. It healed ... Time gets all the credit for being a silent observer. 
Whatever works right. But what works ?
My point though is that, I don't really think time heals all wounds... we just hope it does, and after a point just the hope is enough to sustain us and keep us going.
Heck ! Hope keeps the whole world going ! 
The scar remains, and I wish that the hope remains too ... as skeptical as I may sound about it, thats what keeps me going too ... Happy hoping !


Sivaprakasam said…
Wow.. Gr8 revelation that hope takes care of the world.. Can I rephrase it to 'blind faith'? God rests on the same concept. When actually your goodness and belief makes u achieve its widely believed that God helped.. Time to think..

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