I accept ! I am not emotionally attached ! Happy?!?!

IF you had any doubts, don't . I am angry now. Very angry. Not with anyone or anything in particular. Just red rage !
Some one pointed out that I don't look like I get emotionally attached, and they didn't know if that was good or not ... well . I don't know either. But I don't think I have a choice , Dammit !
First she leaves, then juggy gets married, then I leave UG, then that ends, I leave home, Bummer's gonna get married in less than a month, lady labak leaving to the UK before that ! 
Why the hell should I get emotionally attached to anything at all ? They are all , ALL , gonna leave me anyway ! I am on my own. 
I refute, I do get emotionally attached, to imaginary things. Like Touya for instance. they stay.
I can't get emotionally attached. Maybe I might one day.
So as of now, anyone looking for emotionally attached relationship, steer clear.
Hope I was clear enough.
Have a great day !


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