Things that feel good :P

Yesterday, my grandma decided to wash all the bed linen and change them ... I don't mind the linen being changed, but the sheet I use to cover myself is always the same one. Last night it was still wet and obviously I couldn't use it. I had a replacement for the night, it was ok.
In the morning, I went and hugged my own sheet, and boy that felt so good ! A little warm from the sun, just the right temperature, and smelling cleaner now :P
So, now I'm gonna make a list of all the things that feel really good :)
Continuing in the same genre, Pinky, my pillow is next, its been with me for ever so long and its so comfortable. Just the right amount of squishy, to give the perfect hug. And she holds a lot of tears and secret happiness. Brave weapon of many a pillow fight. Always there for me. Go pinky !
Next up is probably something you're familiar with, A hug :) . Doesn't it already bring a smile to your face ? It does to mine :P . Well hugs are the simplest things you could give someone and make them feel so much better. The giver and the receiver gain so much. Its the simplest form of expressing affection. And yes, it feels so good ! You feel safe, and you know some one's there for you, and for atleast just that moment, you're not alone in carrying your burdens.
The next TTFG (Thing that feels good ) is my dad's shirt sleeve. Yeah, you read it right ... heh. I do hold hands and walk, but mostly either because he's holding soomething else or the sleeve is just more unobstrusive, I hold his sleeve while walking. I can be as distracted as I please and I know if I just hold on, I won't lose my way :)
My contacts are up next, they feel so good, I don't even feel them most of the time. I realize its true worth only when I have to wear my glasses which are right on my nose ( a liitle hard to miss)
Ever woken up an early winter morning to realize that you've still got time to sleep and the climate is so damn good to snuggle in, yup, thats the next TTFG. That cozy warmth of the bed on a cool morning.
The next TTFG is lying on a green grassy field and feeling the rain on your face ... thats when you know with absolute certainity how heaven could feel like , were it real.
The last TTFG which I'm gonna write about today is the feeling of wet feet with sand beneath them at the sea shore, the slow waves going to and fro, and the breeze ... :) Peace on earth.

wait wait wait ! How could I forget the baby's palm and feet ! God they're the best :) The softest, purest, cutest, sweetest .....ok ok I'm getting carried away here.
Think about your list, mine helped me realize how rich my life is :)


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