Sinking in the sand ...

I went to the beach yesterday , with my dad .

We go there together sometimes .... for corn, peanuts, the sea, the big sky but most importatly to spend some time with each other.

Last night I stood by the shore, the place where water meets land ... cool breeze surrounding everything around and an occasional wave wetting my legs. Every time water came to where my leg was, my foot sank a bit and a moved away to more level sand. But each time the wave came came back, it pulled me down again. I was wondering if I would sink completely if I stood at the same spot at the rate the waves were determined to pull me down.

I decided to stay on the same spot, worst comes, my dad will save me :)

Then the strangest thing happened, I did go down a bit, my foot surrounded by sand, but it was hardly a few millimetres. After that, I just stood firm, and the waves could no more push me around like they did when I kept jumping about searching for "level sand".

Most of you have probably been to the seashore at some point or the other, and have experienced this, and most likely you're thinking 'hey, thats not strange at all you fool, thats what happens'

The strange part was what I realized ... Think about it this way, you are you, the sand is your parents and the waves represents life. Each time they try to guide us or tell us what to do, we think they're stopping us from experiencing life fully and try to run away where they can't catch us ... or so we think.What we end up doing is go to a place where we are just more vulnerable to life's many assaults. But we don't realize is, all they're trying to do is give us a firm footing, a firm hold of reality so we can face what life throws at us as much stronger individuals. Thank God they don't give up on us that easily!

So, give them a chance, and I tell you from experience that you'll get your firm footing, and become a much stronger person.

Besides, if the waves are too strong, they're around to hold your hand and give you support, tell you from afar that you'll be fine - when they know you can do it and you still haven't realized it, or drag you away when you're feeling a bit too adventurous and try to take on something you probably can't handle .... Like my dad did yesterday :P

Happy sinking!! You'll find you like the feeling too :)


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- N - said…
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