[Warning : If you haven't seen the movie, and you're planning to, DO NOT READ THIS. Many spoilers ! ]
I loved the movie :) So you know the stand I'm taking , now I'll validate my point.
The movie is basically about a girl named Juno (16) who becomes pregnant. The good thing about the movie is that they've taken it from a very realistic view point ... no overdramatic parent - child arguments on the issue, the pregnancy itself isn't glossed over or made to appear grossy.
Her past - how she became pregnant is dwelt upon for less than a few minutes in a very matter of fact way. And yeah, she does regret it, but thats not what the movie is about. they move on ..
She finds people to adopt her baby ... A couple who looks really happy ... Figures their marriage isn't that solid really ... Then asks a few life questions before making her final choice ...

Thats the story told very mechanically.

The story relates in a very witty way how a very serious problem could be dealt with effectively such that in the end every one comes off as the winner. I especially liked the part where she looses hope in humanity and still decides to choose the hopeful path. She also decides that its ok for her child to grow up in a family which is less than perfect as long as there is real love involved.
The baby, when first shown isn't the cute wrapped thing they usually show, but the first show it with all the blood and mucous before they show the cuter cleaned up version :P

After the movie, I believe, more strongly than ever before, than some women are born to become mothers and I will find my daughter and love her with all of my heart .

(I realise I haven't gone about expressing all that I wanted to properly, but I think you got the essence of it :P , so ta for now ! )


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