About love - Tokyo

Another movie review for you :P ( Warning : Contains spoilers )

This is a half hour film in Japanese about an aspiring cartoonist and a young painter girl ... their first 'encounter' is in the middle of a very-Tokyo-like 4 road crossing, Yao - the hero bumps into her in his cycle and is caught by the tears he sees in her eyes. Later that day, he sees a wall painted with a beautiful unending road on a sunny day.

She (name dunno) had just had a break up which lasted 4 seconds after a 3 yr relationship ... The next day, he sees the same road (wall) again, this time she's in the room, making it cloudy and gloomy. he leaves her a cartoon of her with tears streaming ... that leaves her intrigued.

Over the course of the next few days, he leaves cartoons of her in gradually lighter moods, and the wall becomes sunnier :)

He always tries to dodge her, and succeeds , most of the time, rest of the movie, and the other 2 parts ( I'm guessing) is about what happens next ...

Its a beautiful movie, very simple, but with a range of emotions put forward in an amazingly straightforward way . Try it ...


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