Spielberg within ?

ok .. I was writing my record (in my dream, like I don't get enough of that in real life!!!G came around in a motorbike and gave me this chewing gum and said it'll help me ( before I slept, G really wanted to help me write record ) and drove away.
So I went upstairs, there were 2 ppl there who I knew lived with me ( dream knowledge)
2 girls. Another guy and girl had come to visit , Dunno who, just 2 ppl.
While up there I realized that there was a book which had come free with the chewing gum, so I left it on the bed upstairs and came back down to continue writing.
(Dream knowledge) They 4 were reading it, and it said something about u will realize something u had to if u eat the gum first then some brain.
The guy and girl come down and ask me for that gum, since I don't like gum too much
I gave it too them fully without a second thought.
I was too busy writing
They took the gum and left
then for a long time it was rather quiet
I went up to go see what was happening ...
There was blood all over the bed
and both of them were eating one brain each
( from the other 2 girls)
(I was in this semi existing state so they didn't know I was there)
Then they read again and realised it
they looked at each other and told 'em that it can't be
all that happens only in fiction
immortality can't be real
then full "realization " strikes them,
That they're 300 and odd years old
every 100 years or so
theie life time is elongated
By eating brain
Once they eat the gum and brain
The ppl whose brains they eat regrow brains
and they have part of these ppl's immortal brains in them
and from then on even they can have immortality if they followed the pattern
Then they flew out the window
or jumped out
What d'ya think ??


Chandy said…
There's never an end to imagination.. Good narration style. Will consider this story when i take a movie :)
Sivaprakasam said…
Hey.. good n neat narration.. Ur tone doesnt seems timorous despite the whole lot of blood. N that is what makes all this scary.. Whats puzzling is the revelation that good things (immortality) comes with great pains (gotto to eat the brain na).. and ur indifference to all this..

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