On my way !

Hey again !

I sound much brighter don't I ???? Hehe , ok , You probably think I'm approaching lunacy . Don't worry ! Guess what , I found my path too ! Now I'm just going to go right on and join the others, rushing a bit to catch up though ( that's why the adrenalin rush ! ) . The solution was right there all along . The phrase " sit back and realax" got a whole new meaning . maybe everything ain't alright , right now. But its definitely a whole lot more clearer !

Someone once told me that you're born twice, first is the day you enter the world , and second when you enter life after finding your purpose in it .

Later , a friend and I, we were trying to guess what the real purpose would be like . We didn't know ... but we were both sure that it would feel really good inside when we realize it.

I feel really good now too. I don't think I found my purpose yet. Ummm..... nope, not yet . But I think I'm on the right track definitely . Thats a big deal :P

Human beings are complicated creatures, they must be if they spend day in and day out complicating their lives more and more !
I hope that I don't get too complicated. Why such unrelated hopes you ask ? Well , it is related . I'm about to take one of the biggest step into my life, step properly into my adulthood. So this is the perfect time to hope that, right ?!

On that note, with loadsa other bright new hopes I finish for today :)

have fun y'all !!!


Namrata said…
Heya..I read few of your posts..kinda liked 'em !
keep the good work..:))

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