You Vs. Them

I was just wondering ... have you ever sacrificed your happiness for the sake of someone else's ? And did that feel good ? Most of the time I'm sure the answer would be a 'Yes' , and thats definitely good, keeping us human an' all .
What I'm talking about is , if you have to give up something really really huge, just so others are happy and you're just too exhausted to fight, is that worth it ? I am not writing this with a preformed notion that it isn't. I just want to find out. What makes people do things like that ? Me included. Do we succumb so easily to emotional blackmail ? Or is it more than just that ... why would we rather just take the easy way out. Even if it isn't the easy way out ... it must involve a lot of sacrifice and ... lets face it , tears from one's part to do it, but why do we do it anyways ?


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