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Don't you think stairs are really cool things ?!
You can go up, go down ....ok ok :P . But they really are great places to hang out at. Alone or with company.
They're a great place to think . You can think sad thoughts, happy thoughts, silly thoughts....anything. Unlike certain things like... a park bench which you might associate with somebody or something, stairs are for everybody everywhere! You can dream, hide and cry or plan a party or somebody's destruction (:P).
They're also a very comfy location to sit and read... a mug of juice on the stair above... a bowl of crunchies on the stair below ...bliss.
I always felt sitting on a stairway (especially spiral ones) was like sitting on a time portal, somewhere where time stands still, and the past and present and future is all around you, if you wanna see it. The ups and downs ....are all your choices, you can choose to go up or down, sometimes somebody calls you, but the final choice is still yours.
And there's alwa…