How it all began ....

Its around 11 in the night. And seriously, about 10 minutes ago, I didn't know I'll have a blog now. 30 minutes ago I was performing my usual sulk routine of music-chocolate-book. Here I am now, and there you are....whenever it is.

It so happened that I had to go out for dinner tonight with my dad. It also happened that my dad had to leave me behind because a certain Jackass (who kept talking about classroom etiquette) dismissed us half hour late ! Thus it came about that my dad's enjoying his dinner and I'm stuck here venting my frustrations to this machine with the possibility that someone might read it.

And the name for this blog, was NOT my idea! Trust me. I wanted "Someday's dreamer"...and as bad days have a way, I didn't get it. Somebody somewhere, practical dreamer were all unavailable. I happened to challenge my comp with "Imaginative realist". Bad move. It accepted it. Poof! Sigh. Oh well .

Thats about how it all began.

Btw, If this happens to be my only post in this blog, please forgive me, as I have a feeling I've forgotten the way into this place.

Have a great day y'all.



Sriganesh R said…
Happy arrival. Let your entries blossom like your mischievous smile.
Anitha said…
started writing journal
it is a good start :)
Confused Soul said…
LOL! Great way to start a blog!

Hope to see more :)
Sivaprakasam said…
I travelled from ur latest blog to this.. Adventurous.. Good that you were able to find ur way in again for the 2nd blog.. :)

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