Blogging away !

Day 2 . Post 2!

Never expeted it myself.

Purdah Man, a blogger himself, once described blogging as "Shameless self advertisement". Yeah... he's in PR. No...I don't think blogging is shamless self advertisement.

Now-a-days nobody really has the time or the inclination to sit and have a leisurely chat about things that really matter. It seems to have gone out of fashion, clearly losing against computers and ipods.

Sad ain't it?!? Seeing how people really want to express themselves, be heard, be noticed but would rather do that through another machine. (I accept I'm doing that right now too :P)

Problem is, no one actually listens these days.

When was the last time you actually sat and spoke to someone more than an hour? Do you know if your friend has any problems? If you have a problem what do you to a friend ?

Forget problems....sometimes all of us just want to talk to somebody. Share feeling and stuff like that. What happens then?

Answer : These days, we blog !

I'm blogging too....does that there's a thought !


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