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Three Ladoos

Occasionally, I go to office on my scooter.  A couple of those times, at a Subway close to my home, I’ve spotted this really wrinkly old man – pushing his rickety old cart up. The first time I saw him, he was struggling to push his cart. Despite his cart being mostly empty, he is old and mostly bones, and was really putting all of his might into it, and yet moving only a few feet per minute.
The first time I saw him, after a brief internal discussion, I turned left at the signal (instead of going straight) parked my scooter, and went (walking against the traffic) to help him drag his cart up. The entire time I was pulling (he was pushing from the other side) he kept saying “Paravalla ma” “Naa pathikraen ma” and “Thanks ma”

Sometimes, when I stop to help someone, or even see someone like this, I wonder; It’s their job, they choose to do it, so maybe they should be fine? They probably won’t find someone to help every time, so why help occasionally – it probably doesn’t make a differen…

How to put a baby to sleep

Once upon a time,
In a land far far away
There lived many little babies and their mommy.
Luckily for her, she knew how to put them to sleep - so she too could sleep peacefully at night.

This would probably be a fairy tale that many of my girl friends would weep over - happy tear, tears of hope.

I'm going to share a secret here. One that is actually quite well known, and practiced widely worldwide. How to put your baby to sleep.
How did it all come about? Being one of the youngest among my cousins, I have many nieces and nephews. One December, cousins who had just entered parenthood a few months ago, brought with them their 5-month-old baby girl. That trip was the first "vacation" for that little thing, but having come from a cooler place, not to mention random people poking at her and carrying her, she struggled. My cousins were tired, 5 months of little to no sleep can do that to people. Luckily for them, I knew the secret that isn't quite a secret - How to put a ba…

My Love affair with notebooks

I love food and I announce it often times, proud and loud.
However, that I love notebooks is a quieter thing that very few know
I am in a way ashamed of it even
Not ashamed that I love notebooks,
But that I don't love them right

I could be compared to a cruel man
Who collects gorgeous women
And keeps them locked away
Cruel, not because he doesn't love them
But because he collects them believing he would love them right at some point
And never feels any moment is special enough
For that amazing occasion

One souvenir I get myself
From almost every country I visit
Is a notebook, (or two, more like - just in case, you know?)

I have notebooks of all kinds
Tall ones, fat ones, tiny ones
Locked, easy to open
In a box
Hard bound, spiral bound
Many pretty pretty ones

I keep them safe and neat
In my cupboard
Often finding an old one,
And spending a moment smiling at how beautiful it is
Promising it that one day, I will write something very special in it
But I become like…

Dialogue in the Dark : A review

If there was one sense that I would never want to lose - that would be sight.
Yet, my experience in complete darkness was eye opening. Pun intended.

Let's rewind, and give some context to all of this.

Dialogue in the Dark is an establishment where you can experience a safe version of a completely dark world. Have you ever wondered how would it feel like to be blind? to be unable to see what is right in front of you? To have to rely on all your other senses for the visual input we so easily take for granted? Dialogue in the dark is the place for you. Even if you've never wondered any of those things, I would still encourage you to go there.

As soon as we went, before we entered, they gave us lockers and asked us to keep all our things in it. Including mobile phones and watches that may emit light. We keep the keys, and the things are quite safe there.

We were then given guiding sticks, and instructions to keep it close to the body, below knee level, and to use it to only feel t…


The music inside the car was blaring
The silence between them deafening

Literary Subscription Box: Fiction Crate, a review

You’ve got mail!
A package actually – oooh even better!
One that’s got a book, a Tee Shirt and some more small goodies. A hand written post card to go with it – Ah, you’ve made my day!
Imagine this being a possibility every month.
We all love pleasant surprises. So, it’s no wonder that subscriptions boxes are increasingly gaining popularity. A box of goodies, tailored to your preference, yet with the element of surprise to make the whole thing exciting and worth waiting for!
There are many genres (so to say) of subscription boxes. Boxes for beauty , hobbies, craft. An interesting one for men that I came across was for Socks! Funky socks that you don’t have to pick, sent to you regularly. How awesome is that?!
I love books, I dream of having my own library, but, book stores are dwindling. More over, the time available to just dawdle around book shelves, trying to find that perfect book has long since disappeared. I seem to forever be fighting with long to-do lists of things to do at work, or…

Birthday Series: 2 to go: By a Kindred Spirit

This guest post is by Nisha Misha:
Birthday!!! The very word makes me smile irrespective of whose it is, though the smile does widen when it’s mine. In my family that day signifies “its your day” and have gone through extreme lengths to fulfil that view to make us feel special on that day. My mother taught us to take it to the next level, by counting down to the D-Day one month in advance. As they say, it’s the process that counts.

I recall with fond memories my 13th, 16th 21st and 25th birthday. Anyone who has interacted with me knows that I’m an ardent Formula 1-Michael Schumacher and Tour De France fan and thus most of these milestones were in relation to these two sports. While I know the theme is the one special birthday, I’ve been lucky to have more than one till date. It all started a week prior my 13th birthday when I saw a Ferrari car model (Michael Schumacher) at Landmark. I was ready to forgo my party just so that I could have that and my father hesitatingly relented to my pl…