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Dark Alleys

Yesterday, after shopping at H&M at Express Avenue Mall, I thought I’ll check out ThakurDas Choithram. It was 8 minutes away by walk, and on the main mount road. So off I headed, towards there. However, once I took the right towards LIC, on the mount road, it was almost like it was a different zone. It was darker. Only handicraft stores were there, and much emptier. I was feeling quite a bit uncomfortable walking there, though it said it was just a 3 minute walk away.
I found the shop, and understandably, I didn’t like it very much.
It wasn’t well lit, it didn’t have air-conditioning working and it was after a lonely walk. That was enough to put me off, though they had rolls and rolls of gorgeous fabric, which I normally love to browse through. I left  quickly without buying anything.
It was just 7:00 pm. Not even late in the night.
It wasn’t a pleasant experience.
You know what the funny part is? I didn’t tell this to my boy friend yesterday, because I knew he’d not be happy…

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