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The best among us

"Who would be the first among us to go" is not a question that we often ponder over. Definitely not when we're in our twenties. As cousins from a big family, we range between the early twenties to the late forties. Even with such a wide coverage, we've never had to think of such morbid things. We were young and healthy.
Life, or God, or Death, whoever it was, however, had different plans.

It's strange. Everytime I think about it, a huge sigh escapes me. No tear has left me yet however. I didn't let it. I can pretend it didn't happen.

I can pretend that I woke up to just the usual morning, got ready in my normal auto pilot way, and drove to work listening to whatever music was on the playlist for that day or talking to my fiance. However, that's not what happened. I woke up to find my father, sitting in a dark living room. That should have thrown me off. My father loves well lit rooms. He has all four lights on when left to himself. He was sitting in t…

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